Dormer Vent Replacement: Mistakes to Avoid Dormer Vent Replacement: Mistakes to Avoid

If you have an old dormer vent that you want to replace, this can be done very easily. Dormer vents are cheaper to install than most of the other vent types, and they can help you to cool your attic, and keep fresh air circulating. A dormer vent which is damaged or broken should be taken out and replaced carefully, ensuring that you avoid basic mistakes.

Check Building Codes

Your old dormer vent may have been fitted decades ago, and new legislation could rule out dormer ventilation for your home. Ensure that you don't have to discard your new vent by checking out your local building codes before you start to install the vent.

Sizing the Hole

Make sure that your new dormer vent fits into the hole left by the old one. An excessively large dormer vent could block other ventilation systems, which will reduce the effectiveness of both the dormer vent and the blocked vent.

Block the Hole

Once you have fitted the vent into the hole, make sure that it is properly blocked up. Cover the area with felt, and nail this firmly to the attic frame. Add the shingles, and apply caulking around the edges to keep your hole air and water tight.

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