Dormer Window vs Skylight: Which Is Less Likely to Leak?

If you are planning to install a new window into a room with a slanted roof, you will probably be choosing between a dormer window and a skylight. You'll want to examine the pros and cons of each including which of the two is less likely to leak.

What Are the Differences?

Truth be told, there are no substantial difference between the two types of windows other than size. Dormer windows are slightly smaller than skylights, and as such will bring less light into the room. 

What Are the Similarities?

Both types of windows are designed to be built into the slant of your roof. Also, both are bowed into a dome shape, so that there is actually more space that is added into the room.

Which Won’t Leak?

In truth they are both similarly installed and equally sealed against leaks. They both require that the windows be built into special frames designed for the roof. Dormer windows require additional material to install and are more expensive than typical skylights.