Tips on the Do's and Don'ts of Stone Care Tips on the Do's and Don'ts of Stone Care

Stone granite, marble, and soap stone are becoming popular countertops for kitchen and bathrooms because of their elegance and durability. However, these natural stones do not come cheap and without the proper care, to replace can cost much more. To keep natural stone looking like new, proper use and maintenance is required.


  • Do keep floors swept or vacuumed regularly.
  • Do use a coaster or gliders under chairs and other furniture.
  • Do consult a stone restoration contractor prior to installation.
  • Do keep granite and natural stone clean and dry around cooking surfaces and sinks.
  • Do make sure caulking, epoxy, and grout joints are clean and mildew-free.


  • Don't use everyday household cleaners on granite or natural stone.
  • Don't use Plumber's Putty for fixture installation, which will cause discoloration under the stone.
  • Don't use a vacuum that can cause scratching.
  • Don't drag heavy objects across stone floors.
  • Don't allow water to stand around sinks, which causes deterioration of the stone over time.
  • Don't assume your fabricator or installer sealed the stone thoroughly or used the proper product - test stone's seal.
  • Don't cut directly on granite or natural stone. Use a cutting board or have your fabricator or supplier custom-make one to match your stone.

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