Double Deep Fryer

Presto's Dual Daddy and the Aroma Smart Fry XL are but two double deep fryer models available to consumers. Commercial units aside, home double deep fryers provide twice the capacity, frying foods in the same amount of time as single units. Affordably priced from about $35 to $60 or more, depending on the exact model, double deep fryers allow one to cook different foods at the same time. They are also ideal for families when making tasty fried foods, such as breaded shrimp, chicken wings, jalapeno poppers or flash-fried vegetable tempura. 

Increased Capacity

While most home deep fryers feature a capacity of 12 cups at most, double fryers can take up to 20 cups of cooking oil. This allows for a greater quantity of food to be cooked at once. The Aroma Smart Fry XL, for instance, can cook up to 6 pounds in a single cycle. For family meals and get-togethers, this increased capacity is ideal. 

Easy Operation, Easy Cleanup

Double deep fryers are easy to operate since they are usually outfitted with all-electronic controls, a 15- to 60-minute timer and even preprogrammed menu settings in some cases. An adjustable thermostat, oil-ready indicator light and immersible heating element improve performance as well. The removable fry baskets, nonstick oil reservoir and element make for easy cleanup after the cooking is done.