Double Hung Windows Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are the most commonly seen style of older windows, also called sash windows or hung sash windows. The two windows slide up and down within the frame of the window, usually with cords or chains in the frame of the window counter balancing the window.

Double hung windows are often six by sixes, which are windows with six panes within each window, held together by wooden mullions. Mullions were called in older time’s muntin bars.

Double Hung Windows Cords and Weights

To make double hung windows easy to lift and lower, a system of cords or chains and weights is employed. The sash weight is tied to the end of a sash cord, and the cord runs over a pulley wheel at the top part of the frame. This causes the windows to slide up and down with a minimum of effort. 

The name sash window is common in the United States, and it usually means a   double hung window with two moveable sashes.


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