Double Pane vs Triple Pane Replacement Windows Double Pane vs Triple Pane Replacement Windows

It is necessary to purchase replacement windows when your old window is damaged or broken. Replacement windows are available in double pane and triple pane windows with the following characteristics and comparison.


Double pane and triple pane windows differ from each other when it comes to how many glass sheets are installed in a window opening. Double pane windows has two glass sheets and triple pane windows has three glass sheets installed at each window opening. The glass sheets are secured into each other with air or gas in between for added insulation.

Insulation & Energy Efficiency

Triple pane windows has greater insulation properties compared to double window panes making it an energy efficient window pane option. Furthermore, a triple window pane can you save more than 20 percent of your heating bills compared to double pane replacement windows.

Sound Proofing

Triple pane windows absorb sound better than double pane windows making it ideal for low-rise buildings located on a busy street.


Triple pane replacement windows cost more than double pane replacement windows. The additional cost is due to the greater number of window panes and weatherstripping materials needed when installing triple pane replacement windows.

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