Terms of the Trade: What Is a Downspout Extension?

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Many times a downspout ends with just an elbow. This causes a huge problem for the homeowner as the downspout ends up dumping large amounts of water in one spot at the base of the house. This usually leads to flooding and many other problems. If you happen to have a downspout that ends with just an elbow there are a few different extensions that you can do to prevent flooding:

  • Surface Extension - A surface extension is by far the easiest and fastest way to solve the problem. Go to the local hardware store and get at least five feet of extension pipe and attach it so that it leads downhill away from the house.
  • Manual Hinged Extension - By making a manual hinged extension, you can keep it folded up and out of the way during the dry days and prior to raining you can lower it down to drain the water away.
  • Underground Extension - This is the most hidden extension you can have. The biggest downside to it is that you have to dig a trench and backfill it.