Drain Cleaning and Maintenance Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

While drain cleaning can be a lot of work, you can save yourself a great deal of effort by using efficient techniques to keep your drain in good condition. In particular, it is important to use as many preventative measures as you can, because they can save you the trouble of removing clogs in the first place. However, even if your preventative measures fail, there are plenty of simple ways to remove a drain clog. What follows should give you all of the information you need to keep your drains in working order.

Use a Hair Trap

A hair trap is a great way to prevent problems with your drain before they start. Many clogs are composed partially or completely out of hair, because it does not break down easily, and if some gets stuck in your drain, it will only accumulate, eventually blocking off the drain completely. Stopping the hair before it gets into your drain is the best way to avoid this. While many sinks will come with a hair trap installed, many do not. For these, you will have to purchase your own hair trap. Once you have one, simply place it over your drain, using any mechanisms it includes, such as suction cups, to hold it in place.

Be Careful What Goes Down Your Drain

While a hair trap is a good way to prevent clogs, there are many problematic materials that should not go down your drain that a hair trap will not prevent. Unfortunately, with many of them, the only way to keep them out of your drain is by being very careful. Putting grease down your drain is a bad idea. While it might seem relatively harmless, because it is a liquid, this is not always true. Grease can solidify under many conditions, giving any other materials put down your drain something to stick to or get caught on.

While your garbage disposal is a great way to avoid clogs, using it too often can lead to problems. This is particularly true if you insert materials that are solid, or in large clumps.

Use Drain Cleaner

When these methods fail and your drain clogs, drain cleaner is one of many tools at your disposal that can be extremely useful. However, drain cleaner has its drawbacks. All drain cleaners are toxic, and most give off harmful fumes when used. Because of this, you need to be very careful to store drain cleaner away from children and pets, and open all of your windows before you use it to remove clogs.

Use a Drain Snake

Drain snakes are the strongest clog removing tool. To use a drain snake, insert the snake end into your drain while turning the crank on the opposite side. Carefully turn the crank, sending the snake down your drain. However, be sure that you do not use force to make the snake go in further. If you have trouble turning the crank, you have probably struck the clog. Retract the drain snake, clean the tip, and repeat the process until you have removed the entire clog.

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