Drain Cleaning Machines for Home Use Drain Cleaning Machines for Home Use

Drain cleaning machines are made for the sole purpose of removing blockages inside the drain pipe. It comes in different types and sizes, each with its unique method of removing solid debris, dirt or grime to free your drain pipe from blockages. Below are drain cleaning machines that will come handy in case of drainage problems.

Hand Snake

A hand snake is a drain cleaning machine that is a long spring steel wire and looks like a snake. Hand snakes are made of durable yet flexible steel. To use the hand snake, all you have to do is simply push the hand snake down into the drain. The hand snake contorts according to the shape of the drain pipes and as you push the hand snake into the drain pipe it dislodges dirt, grime and solid debris that are the main causes of clogged drains. After the debris or dirt is dislodged in the drain pipe using the hand snake it can then be flushed away using water.

Drill Drain Cleaners

A drill drain cleaner will come handy if you have severe drainage problems that a hand snake and flushing cannot remove. There are certain cases of drain cleaning where pushing out the clogged debris in your drain pipe using the hand snake only makes the blockage worse. Instead of pushing out the blockage, a drill drain cleaner destroys the blockage by simply drilling the blockage and turning it into small pieces that easily drains away. To use the drill drain cleaner all you have to do is position the drill edge of the drill drain cleaner into the blockage and activate the machine. Drill drain cleaners are effective not only in removing drain blockages that are close to the drain surface but blockages that are deep within the drain pipe as well. Drill drain cleaners are available in various sizes from hand-held drill drain cleaner ideal for home use or large drill drain cleaners for industrial use.

Water Jet Drain Cleaners

Water jet drain cleaners use highly pressurized water coming out from a specialized nozzle to flush any dirt or debris inside your drain pipe. Water jet drain cleaners are composed of a water container, a hose, nozzle and a specialized pump that can deliver up to 3,200 psi of water to clear your drain pipe of any blockages.


Roots often find their way into your drain because roots are attracted to water. A rooter is a drain cleaning equipment that can remove plant roots on drains located outdoors. Rooters work by slicing the roots inside the drain into tiny pieces and then flushed away by water.

These drain cleaning machines are available for purchase at your local hardware store. Before deciding on what type of drain cleaning machine to buy it is best to have your drain examined using a specialized video camera to determine the type of drainage problem that you have.  

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