Drainage Solutions: Install a Dry Well

Having good drainage solutions can be your best armour for the rainy season, because torrential rains leading to puddles can cause a lot of trouble to people’ homes with big yards. Hours of torrential downpour often causes the yard to be filled with several pools of water, and, once the rain stops, the pool of water collected in your yard often takes several sunny days before your yard dries up. But what if it continues to rain for days? For this particular situation, it will be helpful if you can install a dry well as one of the best drainage solutions that you can do to collect all the rainwater that may otherwise be collected in your yard.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Post-hole digger or shovel
  • PVC piping
  • Carpenter’s rule or tape measure
  • Drainage stone
  • Overflow valve
  • Assistant

Step 1 - Locate the Spot where You can Set Up the Dry Well

Locate the area where you want to set up the dry well. When looking for the right location, make sure that you set it up with a good distance from the foundation of the house. Once you have found the right spot for the dry well, measure how many PVC pipes you will need to connect your dry well from your gutter.

Step 2 - Make a Trench

Dig a 12 inches deep trench from the gutter downspout and continue digging until you reach the area where you are going to install the dry well. Use a shovel to do this and you can also ask a family member to help you with this particular task. Once the trench has been made, install the PVC pipes to connect the end of the gutter to the dry well. Cover the piping with dirt and tamp it down to create a levelled look on your yard. 

Step 3 - Make the Well

Use a shovel and make a hole for the dry well. You can dig a shallow well or a deep well depending on your preference. One tip to make this task easy is to ask the assistance of a family member to help you dig the hole in order to get the job done fast. Once the dry well has been dug out, pour 6 inches of drainage stone and smoothen it out at the base of the well and continue putting in the drainage stone along the sides of the dry well.

Step 4 - Connect the Well to the Trench

To connect the well to the trench, attach the drainage pipes to the well and fill the sides of the well with more drainage stone. Create a trap cement trap door to cover the top of the dry well. Let everything dry before you proceed to the next step.

Step 5 - Install the Overflow Valve

To facilitate the drainage of the dry well, install the overflow vale. To install the overflow valve, make sure that you follow the instruction of the manufacturer. Once done, you can cover the top of the dry well with dirt or you can leave the cement cover as it is depending on your preference.