Drapery Hanging Tips Drapery Hanging Tips

Hanging drapery can be a tedious job, but in order to do it properly there are several tips you can follow.

1. Preparation

Always measure the length of your windows before purchasing your drapes. If you are purchasing drapes that are custom made, you should take the measurements and hang the hardware up before the drapes are purchased. Fastening the hardware will depend on the material of the wall. If the wall is brick or stone, you may need different tools to install the hardware than if the wall were made out of sheet rock. Walls that are made out of sheet rock also have studs that frame the wall. To hang your drapes you will need to make sure that the brackets are drilled into a stud.

2. Drapery Length

Before deciding on a length for your drapes you need to think of how you want the room to look. If you want a more informal look, you might want to stick with shorter drapes. They provide a more laid back feel. Longer drapes, especially pleated ones, can be very formal and are great in a fancy sitting room, or a room where you would like to have the look a little more sophisticated. The length of short drapery should always touch the bottom of the window sill. If they're any shorter, it can look awkward.. Longer drapery is best when it reaches the ground, but does not drag. You don't want to have a lot of extra material hanging on the floor, but you do want the drapes to graze or at least be around 1 inch from the floor.

3. Choosing the Right Color and Texture

Drapery can come in many different colors and textures. In order to find one that fits your room, you will need to determine if a heavier or lighter drape will be suitable. Decide on which colors you would like to have on your windows. Neutral colors are best, because you are able to match them with almost anything else in your room. Matching the curtains to your furniture is another choice, but it limits your options later on. To make a smaller room look larger, try hanging light and neutral colored drapes. Smaller valances are a good pick for a smaller room. Never have drapes dominate the rest of the room.

In order to hang drapes properly you will need to follow a few guidelines to help get you started. You need to always look around your room to determine which drapes would fit best. Always prepare the window properly before hanging the drapery. Keep the drapes long for more of a sophisticated look, and shorter if you want more of a relaxed feel in your room. The color and texture should be considered when deciding on what type of drapes you would like to hang in your room.

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