Drapery Installation: Pleater Tape


Installing your own drapery can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Drapery installation is much easier and faster with the help of pleater tape, which eliminates the need for pleating the drape fabric yourself. Pleater tape and other drapery supplies are available at most home improvement stores and furniture supply stores. Read on for further information about how to use pleater tape to speed up and improve your at-home drapery installation project.

Before you begin setting up your pleated drapes, decide the color, style and size of the drapes themselves. When you have matched the drapes to your carpet, wallpaper or furniture, gather your supplies. In addition to fabric for the drapes themselves and a traverse drapery rod for each window or drape section, you will need ample pleater tape and hooks as well as all necessary tools to install the drapes. Keep a toolbox including a tape measure handy. When you are ready to begin hanging your drapes, follow these instructions for easy do-it-yourself pleated drapery:

Step 1 - Measure the Window for Your Drapes

Use the tape measure to note the size of your window. The width is particularly important. This will be crucial in the next step, as you set up the pleater tape and the drape fabric.

Step 2 - Cut Your Pleater Tape and Fabric

Next, measure and cut your pleater tape. Adjust the pleats to your liking and cut the tape, ensuring that you leave about 6-inches of tape over the length of the window. Once you have cut the tape, measure out a piece of drapery fabric that is another 6-inches longer than the pleater tape and at least 6-inches taller than the window. You will hem the fabric later on.

Step 3 - Set Up Your Drapery Rod

Install the drapery rod over the window, as per the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Step 4 - Hem the Drapery Fabric

The fabric itself must be hemmed before you can set up the pleater tape. A double fold is preferable to a single fold on the bottom and sides of the fabric. Use a sewing machine to hem the non-rod sides of the fabric by 3 to 4-inches each.

Step 5 - Set the Pleater Tape

Once the drapery fabric is hemmed to your liking, lay it flat and prepare to attach the pleater tape. The pleater tape should be sewn about 1-inch from the top of the drapery fabric. You may find it helpful to make a series of markings along the edge of the fabric before laying the pleater tape, pocket side facing upward. Sew the pleater tape to the fabric as close to the top of the tape as possible

Step 6 - Iron the Pleater Tape Edges

Align the pleater tape to the edges of the hemmed fabric. Iron the pleater tape to the fabric and sew the lower edge of the tape to the fabric to secure it. Ensure that the tape is attached firmly to the fabric.

Step 7 - Attach the Pleater Hooks

Attach the pleater hooks to the tape on the top of the drapery fabric. Smooth out the fabric and attach the hooks to the drapery rod. With the proper tools and preparation, hanging your own draperies can be an inexpensive and easy process. Consult with a home improvement center for further information.