Drapery Maintenance: How to Prevent Sunlight Fading

Drapery forms an important feature of your indoor decor. When carefully selected, it plays a role in enhancing the room setting and atmosphere. With proper care and maintenance, your draperies should last several years without having to be replaced.

Some of the factors that cause your drapery to declne in that new look are improper laundry procedures, humidity and sunlight. Sunlight has a pronounced effect on the color vibrancy and lustre of draperies. It causes fading and disintegration of fabrics if certain measures are not in place. Below are some guidelines that will help prevent sunlight fading your drapery.

Window Treatment

Since the drapery is placed next to the windows, it's susceptible to damage by ultraviolet rays. Prolonged and continued exposure is bound to affect the coloring of the fabric, resulting in fading over time. You will end up with lack of uniformity in the color scheme of your drapery, as some parts will be affected by the sunlight and undergo alteration in color composition.

Treat your windows with protective coating that will block ultraviolet rays of sunlight from infiltrating the room. Using a solar tinting film on your windows can help reduce the amount of direct sunlight, and limit its damaging effects on your draperies. Transparent window coverings are also available if you prefer to have your windows retain their clear nature, while protecting your draperies from sunlight. 

Drapery Lining

Lining your draperies is an excellent way of protecting the fabric from the harsh effects of sunlight. Linings are usually made of light, almost transparent material, so that they let light into the room while at the same time regulating light intensity. Besides regulating the degree of ultraviolet rays that filter into the room, linings also help in trapping dust that forces its way into the room through small spaces, or sometimes through the open windows.

Lining is available in various fabrics and patterns. You can select lining that matches your draperies or one that provides an interesting contrast in color scheme. When carefully selected, lining can actually add to the elegance of your indoor decor, as it complements the beauty of your draperies.

Blinds and Shades

Use blinds and shades to limit the amount of sunlight filtering into the room. They make good shutters when it becomes desirable to control the light intensity, and are a convenient way of regulating sunlight coming into the room. Blinds and shades can be adjusted to achieve whatever degree of sunlight is deemed appropriate.

They are available in vertical and horizontal designs, and make an ideal alternative for those who prefer not to use linings. Shutters that bear printed images and designs are also available if you want to have something more stylish. They are excellent in controlling sunlight coming into the room, and also provide privacy without compromising on protecting your draperies from sunlight.