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Provide a bit of privacy, encourage energy efficiency, and add a lot of color to a room - all in one step with the right window treatment. Today's homeowners have so much to choose from that the most difficult part may actually be deciding which type of window treatment to purchase.

So many colors, styles, fabrics, sizes and materials to select from make it impossible not to find something that suits both you and the room that you are decorating. In fact, today's window treatments say just as much about our privacy and comfort as they do about our sense of flair for design. Let's take a look at just a few of the many choices we have.

Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes are available in an entire array of fabrics, textures, effects, and colors. They provide numerous choices that can be employed to add a bit of elegance, formality, or fun to any room. They can be custom designed to match the décor in any room. This particular window treatment can be used to add an emotional element to the room’s décor, depending on the fabric pattern and color employed.

Lightweight linings can be used to help prevent fading that so often occurs due to the sun. Moreover, optional foam linings can provide insulating qualities to the drapes. Drapes and curtains can be coupled for a unique appearance and a variety of light filtering options.


Swags, typically designed from sheer or flimsy fabrics, offer an easy no sew window treatment. They are available in a variety of fabrics, textures, effects, and colors. Swags can stand alone to soften a window frame without obstructing the light. This may be particularly useful in a small room with limited light possibilities. Additionally, swags can be used to enhance existing window treatments.

Indoor Shutters

One of the most durable options for window treatment, the indoor shutter can provide total privacy from the outside world. Moreover, they hold up well to the test of time and will remain usable and efficient over the years. Maintenance is relatively simple with a minor dusting every now and then.

Available in a variety of wood products, including natural and simulated, indoor shutters are offered in a variety of blade widths. Light regulation is easily accomplished with indoor shutters that also provide energy efficiency. Colors may not be as varied as with some window treatments, but many options are available.

Indoor shutters are excellent options when the wall area surrounding the window is minimal. They must be fitted properly to fit the dimensions of the window frame. Moreover, they add a nice touch to the architectural style of the room.

Cornice Boards

Wooden frames that rest along the top of the window are known as cornice boards. They do the same work as a fabric valance, completing the existing window treatment. Cornices are designed to completely cover any hardware or drapery headings for a distinctive look.

Cornice boards are available in a wide variety of decorative styles, providing a unique touch and look. Cornice treatments can be used to give the window the illusion of being taller.

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