Dreamy Borders In The Bedroom

Choosing how to decorate your bedroom in tones that encourage sleep, tranquility, peace, and calmness can be difficult, especially if you do not know where to start or have a limited budget. It can be as simple as choosing a paint and dreamy bedroom border combination, often a very inexpensive solution to your problem. Dreamy borders in the bedroom do not have to look tacky or outdated, but some attention should be paid to the details in the border.

Our parents and grandparents felt the need to border or wallpaper entire rooms in horrendous floral patterns, clashing colors or styles, hideous flora and fauna combinations, or outdated panels and patterns that went out with lava lamps. That is precisely why most people view borders as obsolete wall art and room fashion accessories, when they can really add just the right touch to the area. The trick is to know what works with the paint, paneling, or wallpaper that you are using in the room.

Experts say that muted shades of purple, blue, and green promote tranquility and rest in a bedroom. These are great shades for your wall, and matching bedroom accessories can reflect calmness without being one monotone shade. One example: start with a robin’s egg blue wall. Add a black border to the top of the room, then a black headboard (wrought iron works great, but most woods can be stained black). Use black nightstands or dresser to complete the foundation, then accent with silver and white undertones (such as wall art or rugs). Linens can be combinations of all colors, or one single color. Stripes, solids, prints, floral patterns, or geometric shapes all coordinate well with the décor, creating a peaceful and beautiful room.

A dreamy border in the bedroom can be whimsical, especially in a child’s bedroom. From modern cartoon characters to fantasy creatures, movies to action heroes, there is much to choose from for a very small price. Sports borders are very popular for boys, and a princess motif works well for your little princess. Dreamy borders for a child can stimulate their imaginations, and still offer a restful environment.

Make sure to measure the length of each wall before you purchase, so that you do not run out of border mid-project. Color wheels, or similar painting supply, can be a great way to find colors and shades that coordinate well without matching perfectly. These can be found in just about any store that sells home furnishing products and paint. Do not forget to add some dimension with colors that harmonize without being identical in pattern and shade to the base colors.

Dreamy borders in the bedroom make a great addition to a calm and relaxing bedroom, no matter how old or young the sleeper happens to be. From serene colors to relaxing patterns, there is something to suit almost any wall color and budget. Use color wheels, the Internet, advice from friends or family, or even your own imagination to find a dreamy border that adds the perfect finishing touch to your bedroom.