Dreo Space Heater Review

small Dreo space heater on a living room table
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 40-50

When it comes to space heaters, consumers have a lot of options. There are tall and contrastingly compact models, varying controls, and oscillating or stationary designs.

It’s a little overwhelming to decide on a model that works well for a specific need.

So when the marketing company that represents Dreo space heaters asked if I wanted to try the product out, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

My review soundbite goes something like, “It’s a powerful warming solution in a small package.”

So let’s break it down.

1. Packaging

I always start with the way a company packages and ships a product. It says a lot about the philosophies the business holds dear.

The packaging for the Dreo heater was minimalistic, without any unnecessary additions. It arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

2. Design Look

It’s a cute little heater. The model they sent me is compact and reminds me of a miniature robot. It features a sleek design with silver and black colors.

close shot of top of small Dreo heater

3. Function

All of the operational buttons are located on the top of the heater. This is great since it sits less than a foot off the ground. There’s no need to squat down in front of it in order to see the buttons.

There are six buttons. One is for the on/off power and another controls oscillation motion. Then there is a plus and a minus for temperature control and a button to change the mode.

Finally, there is a button to control the timer for auto shut off.

Adjusting the temperature control is easy, allowing settings between 41-95 degrees. A quick push of the button adjusts it up or down as needed while the digital thermostat is displayed on the front in large numbers.

The oscillating feature is a nice touch. It rotates 70° back and forth, which is just enough to focus it on one space within the home.

It features a carrying handle for easy transport too.

4. Performance

Dreo space heater from the side

This little heater packs a punch for such a compact design. It measures in at 5.51 x 6.69 x 10.31 inches. The small size makes it perfect for a tabletop.

However, I keep it on the floor next to my desk. My workspace is located adjacent to a large sliding door with cold-air seepage, so it’s a welcome addition for cozying up the space.

I expected my Dreo heater to maybe knock the chill off. The room my desk is in is a little over 200 square feet, with an attached hallway and smaller room at the end.

So, I thought the size of the space might pull from the efficiency of the heater. But there’s no doubt Dreo does his job.

I typically have it set at 78 degrees and often have to move it back or turn it off for a while, even on the coldest days (around 30 degrees in winter where I live).

There’s a substantially noticeable difference when I open the door to leave the room or enter the space from much cooler areas of the house.

Even though the entire room is warmer, what I love about this unit is the targeted control. It’s a personal space heater for any family member in any space.

It’s adaptable for personal preferences with quiet operation and lightweight, portable design.

The cord is appropriately long enough for versatility, but not so long that it gets in the way.

5. Safety and Technical Aspects

The unit relies on a DC motor and a nine-blade fan.

The unit stays cool to the touch, regardless of the heating setting so burns aren’t an issue.

It also features a tip-over sensor to alert you if it gets knocked over.

The unit will also shut off automatically if the temperature rises too high.

In addition to the temperature settings, there are different modes of function, including high, which offers 1500W of power for quick heating.

The low setting brings 1000W for temperature maintenance or slow heating.

The ECO setting uses the unit to maximum efficiency.

Finally, the fan setting works like a desk fan.

To summarize, I’ve been using this little unit for a few months now, and it’s great to have around. It’s efficient and keeps me focused on work rather than the chill in the air.