Dresser Design Tips for the Guest Room Dresser Design Tips for the Guest Room

We design our homes attractively to invite visitors. However, many people feel that guest rooms can work out well even with simpler designs. Guests rooms too need to look nice and attractive for visitors to have a comfortable stay at your place. Use the following tips to design the dresser in your guest room.


There are many dresser decorating ideas for your guest room that can transform your ordinary dresser into a stylish one matching the look of the guest room. You can simply design the dresser by placing a flower vase on top or putting a picture on it. If you have a plain and traditional guest room dresser, you can enhance its look by changing its exterior through good paints and finishing.


Flowers are the best way to design the dressers as they are tender and attract a lot of attention. Use different colors to complement the ambience of the guest room. If you have mirrors on the dresser, try and stick some nice pictures on its edges. A decorative tray placed on the dresser will help your guests keep their jewelry and other valuables. Swaths of carpet or fabric can be stuck to the dresser of the guest room in a random or even pattern to add more color to the room.


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