Tips for Creating Spectacular Dried Roses Tips for Creating Spectacular Dried Roses

We all know that roses are among the most beautiful of all flowers, and for centuries these special flowers have been treasured above all other denizens of the garden. If roses have a drawback, however, it is that the blooms are fleeting, gone in what can seem like the blink of an eye. One way to overcome this limitation is to learn how to dry your favorite rose blooms, thereby taking a fleeting thing of beauty and making it last forever.

Many gardeners and rose lovers think that drying roses is very complicated and difficult to learn, but in fact this hobby is well within the skills of most people. All it takes is some patience, a little knowledge and the right set of materials. Once the required knowledge and materials have been acquired, you will be able to enjoy your favorite roses for a lifetime.

There are two widely used methods for drying roses – air drying and sand drying. Air drying is the easier of the two methods, requiring nothing more than a sharp pair of pruning shears, a close hanger, a strip of wire and a dark place to hang the drying blooms. To start air drying your favorite roses, simply use the pruning shears to cut the rose from the stem, getting as close to the rose head as possible. Next, poke the a length of wire approximately 7” long into the head of the rose, and wrap the end of the wire around a coat hanger, so that the head of the rose is facing down.

This same process can be repeated until you have as many roses as you want attached to the hanger. The hanger should then be hung in a dry, dark spot until the roses have dried sufficiently. Most of the time the roses will take between two and three weeks to dry sufficiently.

While sand drying is a bit more complicated and difficult, the results are typically better as well. This method requires the rose to be cut from the stem when it is at is most beautiful, followed by a careful trimming within an inch of the stem. After the rose has been carefully trimmed, a piece of wire is stuck through the stem and into the head of the rose.

The next step is to place the rose into a box of white sand that is deep enough for the rose to stand up in. It is important to use only pure white sand for drying roses. After the rose is standing up in the sand, begin to carefully cover the rose with sand. Multiple roses can be placed into the same box of sand, as long as there is plenty of room and the roses are not crushed.

The idea behind the sand drying method is that the sand will help to maintain the shape of the rose, while at the same time drawing out the moisture and drying the rose for preservation. After the roses have been well covered, the box should be placed in a cool and dry location and allowed to sit until they are sufficiently dried. After the roses have been allowed to dry, the sand should carefully be removed from the box. It is important to use the utmost care when empting the sand from the box, since it will be very easy to inadvertently damage the dried rose.

It may take some time, some practice and some patience to get truly good at drying and preserving roses, but the results will be well worth it. Growing roses is a wonderful hobby, and the ability to preserve your favorite blooms for all time adds a new dimension and element of drama to an already fascinating and enjoyable pastime.

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