Drill Press Buying Advice

When seeking the right tool for precision drilling or boring holes in any type material, a drill press is the choice. Choosing the right drill press will allow the do-it-yourself enthusiast to work from any angle. The press can handle a variety of attachments turning it into a sander or even a mixer as well. With a little knowledge, adding a drill press to your workshop will be a good investment.

Types to Consider

Depending upon your need and budget, drill presses come in two models:

  • Bench Top –  a type of press you mount directly to your workbench or other type of stand
  • Floor Freestanding – Has much more powerful motors than the table top variety and will accept more variety of attachments. This type allows for greater use of different sized and shaped materials since handling areas are larger. A floor model can also be on wheels for greater access.

Other Considerations

  • Choose a drill press with maximum horsepower at 1 HP. Higher horsepower allows for hole boring in tougher material.
  • Select a drilling capacity that fits your particular needs. Presses can drill holes up to half the distance from the chuck so a 16” press can drill a hole 8 inches from the edge of the material.