Drill into a Tile Wall Without Causing Damage Drill into a Tile Wall Without Causing Damage

There is no doubt that tile walls are beautiful and versatile, but when a tile needs to be replaced or repaired it can be difficult to drill into that wall without cracking it or causing other types of damage. It is important for homeowners to understand the proper procedures for drilling into a tile wall without causing this damage.

There are of course many reasons why a homeowner would need to drill into a tile wall. In addition to the need to replace cracked or worn tiles, you may need to drill into the wall to mount a towel holder, add extra shelves or mount accessories to the wall. No matter what the reason for drilling into the wall, you need to gather the right tools before getting started:

  • A quality variable speed drill (the variable speeds are crucial to the success of the project)
  • A set of masonry drill bits
  • Toggle bolts
  • Heavy duty tape

The first step is to mark the spot where the hole will be drilled, using an X made from the heavy duty tape. This will help to strengthen the tile around the hole.

After the spot has been marked, drill slowly through the tape, and then into the tile wall behind it. Keep drilling slowly until the drill hits air, then stick the toggle bolts through the hole and fasten them to the accessories.

The key to drilling into that tile wall without causing damage is to use only a variable speed drill, and to work slowly and cautiously. Rushing the job, or using improper tools, can result in significant and costly damage to the wall.

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