Drip Drip

A drip refers to a strip of metal, plastic, or wood that is used to divert water from falling down the sides of a building. Sometimes a type of crown molding can also be used. A drip is usually placed over a door or window, or where the roof meets the exterior walls. Without a drip, water can leak down behind your walls and frames and cause extensive damage.

  • Step 1: Purchase a drip cap that will fit above your door or window.
  • Step 2: Lay out a bead of caulking onto the back of the drip cap just before you put it in.
  • Step 3: Put the drip cap above your door or window along the frame. Use a level to straighten it out and check to see that both ends match up evenly.
  • Use galvanized 1/2 inch screws to hold the drip in place. These can be painted over if you want.

When to use a Drip

A drip will only protect windows and doors that are in direct exposure to rain. You will not need to use one if you have a porch or another type of building structure that already covers them.

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