Drip Edge Installation: 6 Tips Drip Edge Installation: 6 Tips

Adding drip edge to your roof can help keep water from flowing from the roof into the attic or ceiling of a home. A drip edge looks like an L-shaped flashing that is attached to the eaves and raking of the your home's roof.

Tips for Installation

  1. Before starting your project it is a good idea to measure the length of each side of your roof and pre-cut the drip edge to prepare for installation. 
  2. Check the wood and roofing shingles for damage, and make sure to apply an ice and water barrier for protection from water that may leak in. 
  3. Overlooks should be sturdy and tight on the fascia, make sure to be careful when adjusting the hem during installation. 
  4. Make sure to begin at the corner of each eave, usually where it comes in contact with another gable or rake. 
  5. Put at least one inch of overlap with each meeting portion of drip edge. 
  6. Use a consistent pattern with your nails, making sure to bind each drip edge portion from the top and use galvanized nails.

Finishing the Process

It's good to keep in mind that drip edges aren't very useful unless the gutters and downspouts in your home are maintained. Installing a drip edge on your roof can be a difficult process, but these tips should help you to make sure you've done the job right and keep your home from water and freezing damage. 

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