Driveway Alarm Sensor

Used to detect the movement of vehicles in or out of a property, a driveway alarm sensor is a convenient, battery-powered, wireless fixture that helps to prevent auto theft. Driveway alarm sensors are useful for homes with long entryways, as the homeowner may wish to know when a vehicle has crossed onto their property. Driveway alarm sensors are available at a range of prices, produced by numerous specialty electronics companies.

Alarm Design

Consisting of two primary components, a driveway alarm sensor includes a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver installs indoors. It is a wall mountable device with a speaker that chimes when it receives a signal from the transmitter. The transmitter is contained in a weatherproof shell and is discreetly designed. The outdoor transmitter features a photoelectric or passive infrared detector that picks up vehicles at a variable distance and sends a signal to the receiver.


Driveway alarm sensors are capable of detecting approaching or exiting cars up to 80 feet away or more. The signal transmission distance varies as well. Most driveway alarm sensors can transmit a signal anywhere from 400 to 1000 feet, the longer distance being ideal for homes with long driveways. Advanced units feature a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and are capable of supporting several transmitting devices.