Driveway Alarm Systems

Driveway alarm systems include wireless and wired units that use infrared or metal motion detectors to notify you any time a vehicle enters or exits your driveway. These devices are incredibly handy for homeowners with long entryways who want to know when someone approaches. They also help to prevent auto or vehicle theft from your property, while other systems can be programmed to activate lights once a vehicle enters your driveway. Whatever their use, driveway alarm systems are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

Driveway Alarm Detection Methods

Metal motion sensing alarms are only capable of detecting vehicles. They cannot be used to notify you when a person approaches your property. The metal probe works under snow and may be buried. Metal motion detectors come in wireless and wired varieties. Like other driveway alarms, the receiver installs indoors and emits a tone when the sensor detects a moving vehicle. Infrared motion detectors will pick up moving vehicles, humans and large animals that pass the sensor. Infrared-sensing units are typically wireless for convenience.

System Components

A driveway alarm system consists of a sensor/transmitter and a receiver. The sensor is encased in a weatherproof shell and installs outdoors aimed across a driveway or entryway. The receiver is mounted inside and includes a speaker. Transmission distance varies, as does detection distance. Driveway alarms are most commonly battery powered and may be able to support more than one transmitter.