Driveway Edging: 4 Materials

Your home's driveway is the area of your landscape that most visitors will see first, and driveway edging will help keep your driveway area looking its best as well as help protect the driveway from damage. When planning driveway edging, there are several different types of materials to choose from.

Driveway Edging Materials

1. Block Edging - Block edging usually involves digging a trench the same width as concrete blocks. This is one of the simplest to use methods for driveway edging, and is also one of the least expensive.
2. Brick Edging - Using bricks in driveway edging is much the same as driveway edging with blocks. However, brick edging uses more attractive landscape bricks that add a little more color between your driveway and lawn.
3. Railroad Tie Edging - Railway ties or logs are also a popular material option for driveway edging, and add a more natural appearance to your landscape. While railway ties or logs create a softer appearance, they still provide a very effective driveway barrier.
4. Concrete Curbs - Some people choose to simply use concrete to increase the height of their driveway and thus create a distinct border line between the driveway and lawn. Although concrete makes for a very professional driveway edging appearance, it can be cost prohibitive for many homeowners.