Driveway Edging Mistakes to Avoid

Driveway edgings can add character and charm to your yard. But without experience in making the right choices, and without guidance from those who have used edgings for design purposes, you are more likely to make unnecessary mistakes such as those below.

  • If your driveway surface is not smoothly paved and you want to impress someone with your design work, don't use edging. The charm of edging is really created by its sharp contrast against the smooth surface of a paved driveway.
  • Using paver edgings larger than 6 by 9 inches does not complement your yard. Instead it detracts.
  • Resist the temptation to be creative and make patterns in your edging. Using complex patterns and colors would be like wearing a tuxedo to a backyard barbecue.  
  • If your driveway is narrow, save yourself the frustration of having to frequently replace edging bricks that have been pulled up or flattened by your car tires running over them. Instead, plant the bricks in concrete.
  • If you must use edging on a driveway of loose stone, you'll be better off using steel edging that will work better for containing small driveway stones.