Driveway Ice Removal Guide

What You'll Need
Magnesium chloride
Push broom
Garden hose
Household detergent
Rubber boots
Work gloves

Ice removal from the driveway is one of the strenuous chores homeowners must undertake in the winter season. When left unattended, ice on the driveway becomes a safety hazard. Vehicle tires have poor grip on ice, which can trigger an accident. You can also easily slip and sustain serious injuries when you walk on an iced driveway. Although ice removal can be a strenuous job, you create a safer home environment once the ice is cleared. One of the most effective ways to remove ice is to use deicing salts. They lower the freezing point of water, which makes the ice melt away. Select a product that is rated environmentally safe and which won’t damage your driveway. With the help of such a product, you can eliminate the ice from your driveway by using the steps that follow.

Step 1 – Put on Protective Clothing

Wear a pair of rubber boots to enable you to walk comfortably on the ice. A pair of work gloves helps to protect your hands from the chemicals. Be sure to wear a pair of long pants and a heavy jacket to protect against the cold.

Step 2 – Prepare the Deicing Salt

Obtain a deicing salt from a home improvement store. Be sure to obtain enough of the product to effectively treat your entire driveway. Follow the instructions to properly prepare the mixture. Usually, the salt has to be mixed with water. Place the ingredients in a small bucket. Use a spoon to mix the contents well.

Step 3 – Apply the Salt

Begin at one end of your driveway. Pour some of the mixture onto the iced driveway. Use a push broom to spread the mixture evenly over a small section of the iced driveway. Proceed to pour the mixture in the adjacent section. Distribute the mixture with your broom. Keep applying the salt until all areas of the iced driveway receive the treatment. Allow the mixture to work for the recommended time.

Step 4 – Rinse the Driveway

It is a good idea to rinse your driveway once the ice has melted. This helps to clear the oily residue that is usually left from the magnesium chloride. Prepare a solution of warm water and detergent in a bucket. Wash the driveway with the help of a push broom. Use a garden hose to rinse the driveway well. Be sure to use plenty of water to clear traces of salt and soap.

Step 5 – Preventative Measures

It helps if you shovel the snow at the earliest opportunity before it is compacted into ice.

You may also want to use an ice preventative treatment on your driveway. Various products are available online or from home improvement stores. Be sure the product you select has no harmful effects on the environment. Ice preventative treatments help to prevent ice and also make it easier to clear snow. For best results, you need to apply the product ahead of snowfall. Check your local weather forecast for information on when snowfall is expected.