Driveway Paver Design

A driveway paver design is a way for you to express some creativity when designing your driveway. This type of landscaping project takes a boring type of driveway layout, be it cement or concrete and even asphalt, and allows you to create a different look for your home. You can use the driveway paver design throughout the entire driveway, at the edge or apron of the driveway or as edging on the side of the driveway. However you choose to employ your driveway paver design, there are some steps that are part of the process in the design.

This how-to article will discuss the driveway paver design process and how it works in order to help you achieve a desired look for your driveway.

Selecting a Design

The first step in the process for a driveway paver design is to select a design for your driveway. This is done by working with a software program or designer who can help you conceptualize the driveway and determine how your look can be accomplished. You will need to determine what part of the driveway, if not all of it, will be affected by the design with the pavers. The software or designer can present different ideas for you to consider in relationship to your driveway and driveway paver project.

Choosing the Pavers

With the design in place, you will need to choose the pavers that will help you accomplish the design. The pavers may be specified by the designer in order to achieve the design goal of the plan. A brickyard or home and garden center will have on display many different types of pavers that can be installed in order to meet your design and achieve the look that you are looking for with your driveway paver design.

Preparing the Driveway

With the correct pavers chosen and purchased for your driveway paver design project you will need to prepare the area where the pavers will be incorporated in your driveway. In the case where the entire driveway is being taken up, you will need to rent materials necessary to tear up the existing concrete or asphalt surface. A pick ax or hoe may be sufficient for creating an outline necessary to install the pavers along the side or edge of your driveway.

Set the Pavers

Once you have prepared the surface area where the driveway pavers will be set, it is time to actually lay them in the ground. If this is a project that you are doing on your own without the assistance of a landscaper, take the time to learn how to properly lay the pavers in place. Dig the appropriate trenches and have all of the necessary material on hand in order to make sure that they are set in place properly and will not come up.

With the pavers set, apply sand or pea gravel to fill in the spaces, using a compactor to set the pavers and create the desired driveway paver design.