Driveway Pavers: Cost Estimate

A man installs driveway pavers.

Before you plan to have a new driveway installed, estimate the cost of your driveway pavers. The following guide and calculations will help you budget for what could be a fairly significant expenditure.

What Does Cost Cover?

First, you have to decide how much labor you are going to supply yourself and how much you are going to buy. If you plan to install the pavers on your own, you will save on the labor. In this case, make sure that you are able to devote several days to this project.

Measure the Area

The cost of a driveway is usually priced by the square foot. One square foot is 12x12 inches. One square yard is 9 square feet (larger jobs are figured in square yards).

To determine the square footage of your driveway, measure the total length of the project and its width. Then, multiply the width by the length. For example, a driveway that is 12 feet wide and 40 feet long has 480 square feet.

Pick the Material

Decide which material you want to use, as this will drive the cost. The most expensive pavers are cobblestones, then concrete pavers or brick. All of these are more expensive than concrete slab or gravel. If you are not installing them yourself, remember that each paver, stone, or brick must be set by hand, which greatly increases the labor costs.

Cost Out the Material

Your supplier will be able to tell you the price per square foot of the material you chose. Multiply this price by the total area of your driveway to determine the cost of the pavers. You may want to allow 5% to 10% for waste, especially if your driveway curves.

Cobblestones may cost as much as $5 each. Bricks or Pavers can cost anywhere from $10 to $60 per square foot, depending on the shape, finish, and color you choose. This means that your 480 square foot driveway would have paver costs of $4,800 at $10 per square foot, and $28,800 at $60 per square foot.

Add this to the quoted labor cost per square foot to get an estimate of the project cost. For example, if your contractor quoted $10 per square foot for labor, your 480 square foot project would run a total of $9,600 for labor and materials (exclusive of incidentals).


You may also incur costs for delivery of the materials (the supplier might waive this) and for sand, gravel, or other base material. If your old driveway is rutted, you will have costs for grading equipment.

If you plan to hire this project out, make sure that you understand where each line item on the contract is going. Get everything in writing.