Driveway Safety Gate Benefits And Drawbacks

Protect your children from wandering into the street and alert drivers to your children's presence by installing a driveway safety gate. The easy-to-use device consists of 2 poles that are planted into the ground on either side of the driveway and a brightly colored retractable plastic netting.

Benefits of a Driveway Safety Gate

  • The bright color of the net (usually orange or red) will signal to drivers that there are children present and prevent them from turning into your driveway. It will also serve as a visual reminder to children of the boundaries of their play area and prevent them from riding toys into the street.
  • The gate can be retracted for everyday use. Unlike a permanent fence or standard gate, you can decide when to assemble the netting and when to take it down.
  • The gate is made from durable plastic. It is see-through, but also very strong. Because it is made of soft material, children will not get hurt even if they bump into it.
  • The long net can stretch beyond just the edges of your driveway. This can stop balls from bouncing into the street and give you peace of mind knowing your children are protected.

Drawbacks of a Driveway Safety Gate

  • Since the netting is retractable, the gate may not be up when children first run outside to play.
  • A child can simply walk around the end of the net to reach the road.
  • A driveway safety gate is not a substitute for adult supervision. Children playing in the front yard must be monitored at all times.