Driveway Security Alarm

As property crime is no longer limited to the big city, more suburban and rural homeowners are considering a driveway security alarm to alert them whenever a vehicle or person crosses the threshold onto their property. Given that larger properties often have long or winding driveways, a homeowner may not know a vehicle has entered their property until it pulls up to their house, if at all. A driveway security alarm offers instant notification when a vehicle approaches, so nothing enters unexpectedly.

Driveway Alarm Types

Two basic sensor types are used with driveway security alarms. The first, infrared sensors, are useful for detecting a wide variety of movement, from vehicles to people. Infrared driveway alarms are typically wireless fixtures with a transmitter/sensor at one end and a receiver positioned inside the home. The other type is useful for detecting approaching vehicles. Metal motion detectors will not be triggered by people, but they will detect moving vehicles and can be buried.

Alarm Features

The indoor receiver chimes after receiving a signal from the outdoor transmitter, immediately alerting you to the presence of a vehicle or approaching person. Outdoor transmitter/sensors are battery powered and encased in a weatherproof container. Signal transmission distance varies from 100 to 1000 feet, but more powerful alarms are available for longer driveways.