Driving Safety Tips for Long Road Trips Driving Safety Tips for Long Road Trips

A long road trip can be a fun and rewarding adventure, but you should consider a number of driving safety tips before you embark. Driving long distances can be exhausting. Even when you feel awake, if you have deprived yourself of sleep, you may be less alert than you think. In addition, a broken car is especially inconvenient and troublesome on a road trip. So before you depart, consider these driving safety tips.

Driving Safety Tips for Long Road Trips

  • Invest in a membership with AAA or a similar service. The service can be helpful if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.
  • Take advantage of rest stops. When you start to feel tired, even if you want to make it a little farther, stop and rest. You may not reach your destination as quickly, but you will be refreshed and more alert.
  • Get your car checked out before you leave. Top off the fluids and evaluate all the important safety functions so you know your car's in good shape when you hit the road.

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