The Right Footwear for Driving The Right Footwear for Driving

That new pair of shoes you got in the sales might look great but some footwear should not be used for driving in. Even something straightforward like changing gears can be very dangerous in certain shoes.

Your sole can get stuck underneath the pedal when you lift up your foot to change gear. Mules, flip-flops and other shoes without the right amount of ankle support can make the foot slide off the pedal or miss altogether. High heels are a bad idea for the same kinds of reasons . This is a potentially very risky situation if you haven’t got adequate time to rescue the situation.

A 2005 Norwich Union Motor Insurance survey revealed that flip-flops are the most dangerous type of shoe to drive in. One thousand motorists were quizzed, with three-quarters saying that they found them difficult to drive in , yet a quarter admitted to doing it regularly!

The right kind of driving footwear should have a thin sole that lets you feel the amount of pedal pressure that you need to brake and accelerate . Flip-flops don’t allow this. The brake and accelerator are both controlled by your heel. High-heels get in the way of this, as they lift up the heel and interfere with the pedal manoeuvring.

It’s a good idea to look for shoes with thin soles and enough room to manoeuvre yours ankles properly. Trainers aren’t a good bet as the soles are thick and padded. Pumps or deck shoes are a much better choice. On strictly non-safety grounds, keeping driving shoes in the car limits the possibility of tarnishing dressy shoes .

When shoe-shopping for driving shoes, don`t think about whether you can move around in them. Concentrate on how they will feel when you drive in them, particularly your ankle positioning. By limiting discomfort, you can reduce the exertion needed, particularly for long trips.

Be extra careful in wet weather. Slippery soles make it easier for your foot to encounter problems with the pedals. Tackle this by making sure that you dry them completely before driving.

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