Drop-In Bathroom Sink Replacement: 2 Tips

A drop-in bathroom sink is typically simple to replace. This style of sink is more affordable than under-mount sinks and are the most common types of sinks found in US homes. The drop-in sink is exactly what it sounds like, designed to drop in to the cabinet through a hole in the counter-top. Replacing a drop-in bathroom sink is a do-it-yourself job that most people can accomplish in just a few hours. Here is what you should know about this job.

Confirm the Measurements

It's not uncommon for sinks to vary slightly in size. Before you embark on this job you need to ensure that you have the correct measurements for the new sink. Having a sink that is even a few centimeters off can turn a simple job in to an absolute nightmare. Picking a sink that is slightly larger than the current one is fine as long as you are willing to cut the hole in the counter-top to match.

Using Proper Sealant

Once the sink has been lowered in to place, and the hardware is installed, you need to seal around the sink. This serves a few purposes. It will help keep the sink in place, and will prevent water that can splash on the counter from getting down under the sink. There are watertight sealants available, and this is a must for any sink fixture.