Dry Stack Wall Dry Stack Wall

Building a dry stack wall takes a little patience to do, however it will give the area it’s built in a nice dimensional architectural feel. This works great for garden areas as a dry stack wall will blend in perfectly with the landscape. Before beginning the actual work it’s important to gather all the needed pieces. The rocks can be collected from a creek or bought at a store.

  • Start by spray painting the location of where the dry stack wall will be going.
  • You will then want to edge out what you spray painted. This will allow you to dig out a small trench after you edge it. The trench only needs to be as wide as the base stones and should be about half of the width deep.
  • Proceed to start laying the base of the wall. Make sure that the rocks overlap to add stability. While building the first and second layer you should make sure that each layer is level by adding small stones to fill in the gaps if needed.
  • Finally after each layer you should backfill some soil and pat it down.

Tips for Building Your Dry Stack Wall

  • Blend the dry stack wall into the terrain.
  • An odd number of layers will stop the wall from looking patterned.

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