Dryer Vent Brush: Bendable vs Snake Dryer Vent Brush: Bendable vs Snake

Dryer Vent brush comes in various shapes and sizes. As we come across different types of vents like that in ventilation systems and washing machines, we need to know about different types of vent brushes and their proper use.

Why do it?

Cleaning the vents is important as it affects the performance and life of a particular system. For example the clogged vents of a washing machine can reduce the efficiency of it by 30%, increase the possibility of fire and more over the machine will take more time to perform tasks.

How are they Different?

These brushes differ in their construction. Snake type brushes have flexible plastic cores whereas the bendable brushes have metallic cores helping them to retain their bend.

Selecting a Vent Brush

Bendable brushes are good if the vent is metallic, but for plastic or spiral vents you should use snake type brushes. Another to keep in mind is the brush size and hardness. The harder the brush the more it will be able to remove older and hardened lint.

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