Dryer Vent Cleaning Equipment

While it is not absolutely necessary to buy dryer vent cleaning equipment, having the right tools can make the cleaning job much easier.

Shop Vac
The easiest tool to keep on hand as dryer vent cleaning equipment is a shop vac. When you don’t have anything else, these can do a reasonably good job of cleaning out the dryer and the dryer vent.To be most effective, remove the vent from the back of the dryer.

Dryer Vent Brush
For approximately $20, you can buy a stiff brush that is 4” around: just the size of your dryer ducts. The brushes come attached to a flexible metal rod so that it can wind through ductwork.

Lint Trap Brush
These brushes are thinner and longer, made specifically for cleaning lint out of the ducts in the dryer under the lint traps.

Rotary Vent Cleaners
These cleaning systems attach to a rotary drill with a rotating duct brush, flexible rods, and accessories. These systems ensure that all lint is completely removed and are able to break through built up clogs.