Dryer Vent Pipe Replacement: 3 Warning Signs

Neglecting your dryer vent pipe can lead to high repair costs and to home fires, it's a good idea to watch for these warning signs.

If Your Dryer Vent is Plastic
If you make a visual inspection of your dryer vent hose and find that it is plastic around a metal spiral spring, then it needs to be changed immediately, even if you don’t see any other warning sign. While the plastic vent pipe was widely used for many years, it has since been found to pose a significant fire hazard. The solution recommended by every professional is rigid, 4” metal ducts.

Clothing Takes Too Long to Dry
 If your clothing loads are taking longer and longer to dry, there may be a problem with your dryer vent becoming clogged with lint. If you already have a smooth, rigid metal dryer vent, then you may simply need to clean the vent. If it’s a flexible or foil covered hose, then it is likely time for a replacement.

Moisture Build Up or Humid Air When Drying
If moisture or humidity builds up in the home when the dryer is on, there may be a leak or crack in your dryer vent. If so, it’s time to replace the dryer vent pipe.