Drywalling The Ceiling: Tricks of the Trade

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Hanging drywall on the ceiling is not a one-person job, however, should you decide that a drywall ceiling is what you plan to install, take these tips into account.

Have the Right Tools

Make sure you have the right tools for the job – this is true with any job but particularly when working on a ceiling structure. One of the most crucial tools is a “drywall T Square” available at any building supply or hardware stores. This tool will help ensure straight cuts.

Attaching Your Drywall

Use drywall nails and a hammer to attach the drywall to wood studs, or a screw gun. Be sure to set the screws deep enough or else the screws won’t be able to be covered with mud. If they are set too deep, you may rip the paper covering of the sheetrock preventing a smooth finish.

Cutting the Sheet Rock

Always, measure twice and cut once. Put the T Square on the mark where it needs to be cut and use a razor knife to cut the entire square. At the very least, you will need to score the paper well. Hang starting from one side and going all the way across. Any rough edges on the sheetrock can always be trimmed later. Use care when cutting for ceiling fixtures – never force-fit a fixture, but if needed, you can always cut a little bit bigger of a space.