Drywall Banjo: Proper Tool Use

Knowing how to use a drywall banjo can make taping drywall that much easier. A drywall banjo will allow you to tape and then mud with one device, that being said, a layer of mud on the top and the bottom of the tape will provide the best results.

Using the Banjo

Before using the banjo, make sure all gaps are filled especially between the sheets of drywall. When you pull the tape from the banjo, the topside may not may be dry or have only a little bit of joint compound however, this is not a problem so long as you trowel a thin layer of joint compound over the tape.

As the mud in the banjo runs low, the tape will become easy to pull out, thus you should refill it. Open the cover, and reposition the tape before refilling the mud. Because the compound will thicken as it sits, you may need to add some water.

Maintaining Your Banjo

Keeping the banjo clean will prevent any problems in the future. Taping is a messy job and keeping all of your tools free of dried mud clumps is no easy task. Use a pail of warm water and a sponge to keep your hands and tools clean while you’re working otherwise dried mud will cause all sorts of problems with the banjo. When you’re finished be sure to rinse out the banjo before the mud hardens.