Drywall Installation Preparation Basics Drywall Installation Preparation Basics

When planning drywall installation, one of the most important considerations is your preparation. Here are a few preparation basics you should know.


Be certain the wall studs you will be attaching your drywall to are spaced 16 from stud center to stud center. Drywall sheets are manufactured to a uniform width of 48 inches. If you studs are not spaced 16 inches apart, you will need to cut every drywall sheet to fit.

Wall Stud Surfaces

Surfaces of your wall studs on which you plan to attach your drywall sheets much be flat and free from protrusions such as nails, staples, and screws that may have been driven into the stud surface and not removed. The best way to ensure that these surfaces are flat is to run the edge of a hammer along these surfaces.

Electrical Boxes

Be sure all needed electrical boxes are attached correctly before attaching your drywall. Check to be sure the outer edges of these boxes will extend to the surface of your drywall. If you are using ½" drywall your box edges should extend ½" past the edge of your outer stud surface.

Wall Interiors

Cable for telephones, computers, and electrical circuits should always be installed through wall studs before you install your drywall. The same is true with insulation.

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