Drywall Joint Tape Techniques Drywall Joint Tape Techniques

What You'll Need
Paper drywall tape
Drywall knives
Drywall compound

When drywalling it's essential that you learn about drywall joint tape and how to use it properly. Drywall joint tape should be used to seal the joints between the boards. Without the use of drywall joint tape the joints can crack when you cover the wall and finish it.

Fixing drywall sheets to the walls is actually one of the easiest and most rewarding jobs that you can do around your house. It's a very popular job which most people really enjoy doing. It's one of the projects that most DIYers find the easiest and are the most confident with. However, most homeowners struggle to understand why they need to use drywall joint tape.

These instructions are for using paper drywall tape which needs to be stuck on the wall using drywall compound. There is also fiberglass tape which can be used and although this sticks by itself, it is much thicker.

Step 1 - Cutting the Tape

Cut all of the pieces of tape so that they are the correct length. Once these are cut to the right length make sure that they are put close to where they will be used.

Step 2 - Spreading Compound

Spread a layer of drywall compound along the seal that you want to cover with the drywall tape. The width of the drywall compound needs to be at least as wide as the width of the tape if not wider.

Step 3 - Fixing the Tape

Put the tape against the wet compound on the wall and use the drywall knife to press down the joint. Wet the knife slightly and then run it along the whole length of the tape. This will force out any excess drywall compound from the joint. Now you will need to leave the tape to dry overnight before you do anything else to the wall.

Step 4 - Scraping Drywall Compound

Use the drywall knife to scrape away any of the rough edges of dry compound along the seams. Some of these will be very hard which is why you might need to use both of your hands.

Step 5 - Covering the Tape

Use a larger drywall knife to apply another coat of compound which is the same width as the tape. Make sure that you scrape the knife along the joint to remove any excess compound.

Step 6 - Finishing Touches

Allow the tape to dry overnight again. Then simply scrape the rough areas of the compound down again using the drywall knife. After this you will need to use a piece of sandpaper to make sure that the joint is perfectly smooth. Once the joint is smooth you are then ready to paint or wallpaper the room. You will need to repeat the whole process several times on all of the different joints in your room.

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