Drywall Knockdown Texture Techniques

  • 10-20 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-1,000
What You'll Need
A sponge
Painting supplies
Paint brush
Old clothes
Several drop cloths
Sheetrock joint compound

Drywall knockdown refers to a type of texturing technique that is used on drywall. Texturing is applied to walls to compliment and the decor of the room. It becomes a great way to add style and a little pizzazz.

Spray the Compound

In order to get a great knockdown finish, you will need to use sheetrock joint compound. You take the joint compound and put it inside a paint prayer. You will end up spraying the joint compound over the surface of the wall. As you spray the compound, you want to leave clumps of the compound in different spots along the surface of the wall. Once you have sprayed the compound over the wall, you will allow it to set slightly. Then, taking your trowel, you will knock down the tops of the clumps. What happens? By knocking down the clumps, you will create a rough and very uneven surface.

Prepare the Surface

This technique is one of the messiest types of techniques that you can use to texture your walls. Make sure you have enough drop cloths and tarps to cover all of your furniture and flooring surfaces. Go the extra mile and tape the drop cloth to the edge of your baseboard.

Thinning the Compound

The Compound cannot simply be applied to the wall as is. You need to thin it enough so that you can spray it on smoothly. This means that you will want to add enough water to the compound mixture so that it ends up being a pancake-like consistency. If the compound is too thick, it will not spray out of the nozzle correctly. You will be left with a clogged nozzle that will need to be cleaned several times.

Test, Test and Test

Before you start your project on the wall, take a scrap piece of metal or sheetrock and test out the technique. Make sure you feel comfortable with the technique and the results you are getting on your test material.

Different Sprays

There are many different nozzles on the market that you can purchase for your sprayer. Each nozzle will give you a different spray pattern and therefore will help you develop a different texture on your wall. Try to experiment with the different nozzles. You can purchase nozzles for this technique at any paint supply place or any local home improvement center.

Gloves, Respirator

Along with your other precautions, purchase and gear up in protective gloves and a respirator. This will help prevent you from inhaling the fumes and the particles that float in the air as you spray the compound on your wall.