Drywall Paint Removal Drywall Paint Removal

What You'll Need
Lead Detection Kit
Pieces of Covering Cloth
Protective Eye Glass
Face Mask
Orbit Sander

If you need information on removing drywall paint, this article demonstrates the drywall paint removal method. Removing paint from a drywall is not a complicated process, but it could prove to be time consuming. Drywall paint could be removed for various reasons, either to replace the existing paint or if you want a smooth surface.

Step 1: Caution Testing for Lead Based Paints

Buy a do it yourself kit from a hardware store to test if the walls have any lead based paint beneath the current layers. The DIY kit is self explanatory and easy to execute. If the test comes out positive, you will need to hire a professional to help you with the paint removal process. If the test is negative, you can remove the paint by yourself.

Step 2: Preparing the Room

You need to prepare the room before you start with the process of paint removal. Take off all wall hangings like photo frames or any other fixtures. Move the furniture to another room and cover immovable items with a cloth. This will prevent the dust from settling on them. Cover the floor with a non-slippery transparent plastic sheet. This will help you in cleaning the place later.

Step 3: Safety Protection

Cover your body with full length clothes, and shield your eyes by wearing a protective eye glass. Cover your nose and mouth with a mask. Wear rubber gloves. If the dust particles enter your eyes during the job, don't ignore it. Wash it off, or else it could lead to irritation and later on develop into an infection. 

Step 4: Sanding the Walls

You need to sand all the walls and you can use an orbit sander to do the job. An orbit sander works like a mechanical arm. It's an electronic tool that clamps the sandpaper into its metal pad and moves at a high speed. This ensures a speedy job. If you don't own an orbit sander you can rent one from a hardware store. The orbit sanders help reduce dust, proving to be more useful in keeping your work area cleaner.

Step 5: Sanding Instructions

You will need to move the orbit sander clockwise, counterclockwise, vertically and horizontally to take the paint off. Some surfaces will have multiple layers of paint. This will need to be addressed aggressively in order to remove the paint. This process will leave you with a canvas ready to be reused. When in doubt, take a discreet area to do a sample run. This way, even if any damage is caused, you can cover it up.

That's all you need to do to remove drywall paint.

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