Drywall Plastering Drywall Plastering

Drywall plastering refers to the finishing step that must be done once the sheets of drywall are hung. With the proper tools and a little guidance, any DIY beginner can accomplish the task of drywall plastering. Drywall plastering is labor intensive, but actually very simple.

How to Accomplish Drywall Plastering Yourself

The first thing you need to do when drywall plastering is to purchase the proper materials and tools. You will notice there are different types of “mud” available for drywall plastering. Many people make the mistake of purchasing a fast setting drywall compound thinking they will save time when drywall plastering, and this is a mistake. Mud that sets more quickly is also much more difficult to work with. On big jobs, you may not save any time at all using the fast setting types and you will definitely have more difficulty doing the drywall plastering.

Always mix a little more drywall compound than you will actually need for the drywall plastering job. Every time you run out, you will need to wash everything and start all over again, so always start with more than you will need for the drywall plastering.

To mix drywall compound, start with the water in the bucket and then slowly add the drywall compound powder. This ensures you are going to have a smooth mixture to work with in drywall plastering, because adding water to the powder can easily become a lumpy mess. 

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