Drywall Stilts: Proper Tool Use

Drywall stilts are useful tools that help in fixing drywall panels at a height. These tools are like normal stilts that help a person stand firmly at a certain level above the ground. Though these tools are very helpful, you need to take great care and precaution while using them.

Inspect the Bolts

Before using drywall stilts, make sure that all the bolts are securely fixed in order to avoid chances of your falling down and causing grievous injury to your knees.

Tread on the Right Surface

These stilts are built for use on hard and even surfaces. You cannot use them on surfaces that are uneven or don’t have proper support beneath. Also, if the ceiling height is low, you need to watch out for lights, fans and pipes overhead. Avoid bending to pick up things on the ground while wearing stilts and also avoid climbing stairs with them on.

Strap Them Right

You have to be very cautious while using these devices. Make sure that your feet are strapped firmly on the feet plates provided along with adjustable straps. First strap your legs and then your feet. Follow the same order while un-strapping the stilts too. Remain on a flat and even surface while strapping and un-strapping the stilts.

Walking With Them

While walking using drywall stilts, make sure that you take small, deliberate steps in order to maintain the right balance. Taking large steps will result in damage to the stilts and hence needs to be avoided. Maintain an upright posture while walking. If you are unable to do so, then, you have to readjust the stilts.