Drywall Supplies Needed from Start to Finish Drywall Supplies Needed from Start to Finish

As with any major home improvement project, one of the first things you will want to do is to ensure that you have all of the proper drywall supplies that you will need to complete your drywall project. You can find most of these supplies at your local hardware or home improvement store for a reasonable price.

How to Calculate
You should purchase your supplies up front. Meaning, purchase what you need right off the bat rather than having to interrupt your project to go pick up something you ran out of from the store. You can determine how much you’ll need by figuring out the square footage of your room (Length times width) plus 10%. So if you have 350 square foot room add 35 feet to account for waste. Divide this total by 32 to use 4’ x 8’ pieces of drywall and round up to determine the number of sheets you will need.

To calculate how many supplies you’ll need purchase for every 1,000 square feet you will need:

•    370 feet of joint tape
•    140 pounds of compound
•    700 screws
•    700 nails

What Supplies Will You Need
Aside from the obvious being sheetrock, you will need:
•    joint tape – to have smooth transitions between sheetrock panels
•    compound – for the mudding
•    screws
•    nails

The Right Tools
No project will get done if you use the wrong types of tools. The tools you will need to complete a drywall project are:
•    utility Knife
•    T Square – to ensure straight cuts
•    saw – a small utility saw will help cut out holes for outlet boxes and switch plates.
•    rasp – will assist in cutting any excess paper
•    hammer
•    screwdriver
•    taping knife – to apply the mudding
•    sander – to finish off the edges

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