Drywall Water Damage: How to Patch Vent Holes Drywall Water Damage: How to Patch Vent Holes

What You'll Need
Mesh drywall tape
Large putty knife
Drywall mud

If you have drywall water damage around a vent hole, this is a do it yourself job that can easily be finished in one day. You need a few supplies that you can get at any hardware store.

Step 1: Prepare the Area

If the drywall is wet you should wait until it dries to start this repair. You can turn a fan onto it to speed the process. Once the area is dry, use your scraper to gently scrape any loose drywall. You may find it is easier to work if you remove the vent hose and vent cover, such as with a dryer hose and vent.

Step 2: Repair

Apply mesh drywall tape to the area that is damaged around the vent hole. Press firmly in place. Dip your putty knife into the drywall mud and spread a layer to cover the tape and 2 inches onto the surrounding wall. Allow to dry per manufacturers instructions. Apply a second coat of drywall mud over the first coat, expanding to 4 inches onto the surrounding wall. Allow to dry, then repeat, expanding to 6 inches on the surrounding wall.

When all of the drywall mud has completely dried, sand it until it is smooth and level with the rest of the wall. You may need to use your sandpaper to clean up the edges where the vent fits into the hole. Then reinstall the vent cover.

You may paint the wall to finish it.

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