Drywall 7 - Repairs Drywall 7 - Repairs

  1. Use a keyhole saw and utility knife to cut out the damaged portion and clean out broken pieces around the edges of the hole.

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  3. Remove a strip of the paper 1/2 to one inch wide surrounding the perimeter of the hole. Then cut a new piece of drywall that is slightly larger than the hole. Carve away the gypsum on the back side of the patch until it fits the hole opening but leaves the paper on the outside of the patch intact. This is called a "hat patch."

  4. Apply compound to the inside and outside edges of the hole and fit the paper "brim" of the hat patch right over the bare gypsum. Now all you have to do is mud over the hat patch and allow it to dry. With a knife blade, scrape off any dried chips. Lightly sand the patch then apply another layer of mud. When this layer is dry, scrape it, sand it lightly then apply a final thinned down coat of the spackling.

  5. Remember to sand once again prior to painting or wallpapering. Bare spackling on any wall repairs should always be covered with primer before paint or wall paper.

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