Drywall 2 - Safety Drywall 2 - Safety

As you exercise your Do It Yourself skills, develop safe work habits and stick to them.

  1. Drywall is heavy and awkward to lift and maneuver. It is best to work in pairs, especially when working on ceilings and high areas.
  2. Be careful when lifting so as not to cause unnecessary strain.
  3. The proper respirator or face mask is recommended when sanding or sawing.
  4. Be sure power tools are properly grounded.
  5. Use the appropriate tool for the job.
  6. Keep blades sharp. A dull blade requires excessive force, causes sloppiness, can slip and is the cause of many accidents.
  7. Protect your eyes from gypsum dust by wearing safety glasses or goggles.
  8. Observe proper use of stepladders. Never climb higher then the second step from the top - use a taller ladder instead. Be certain the spreader bars are locked in place and both pairs of legs are fully open. If leaning the ladder against a wall, a safe distance between the wall and the feet of the ladder is one quarter the height of the ladder. Do not use an aluminum ladder near electrical wires.
  9. When setting a plank between ladders as a scaffold, be sure it extends a foot on each side and is clamped or nailed to its support.
  10. Use the proper protection, take precautions and plan ahead. Never bypass safety to save money or rush a project.

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* Check local code and building requirements before beginning work.

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